World Ranking Golf: A Comprehensive Overview

30 augusti 2023
Jon Larsson

World Ranking Golf: Unveiling the Rankings, Types, and Popularity



Golf, an elegant sport enjoyed by millions worldwide, has a significant element that adds to the excitement – world rankings. In this article, we delve into the world of World Ranking Golf, providing an in-depth overview of what it entails, the different types, its popularity, and more.

1. The World Ranking Golf – An All-encompassing Outlook

The World Ranking Golf, commonly referred to as the Official World Golf Rankings (OWGR), is a system that ranks professional golfers based on their performance and achievements in various tournaments globally. It serves as a benchmark for identifying the most skilled and successful golfers across the globe.

1.1 Various Types of World Ranking Golf

a) Men’s World Ranking Golf:

The Men’s World Ranking Golf focuses solely on male professional golfers, considering their performance in events sanctioned by renowned golf organizations, such as the PGA Tour, European Tour, and more.

b) Women’s World Ranking Golf:

Similar to the men’s rankings, the Women’s World Ranking Golf assesses the performance of female professional golfers in tournaments like the LPGA Tour, Ladies European Tour, and other prestigious events.

1.2 Popularity and Significance

The World Ranking Golf has gained immense popularity and recognition in the golfing community and beyond. It serves as a reference point for tournament organizers, fans, and players, providing a clear hierarchy of players’ skills and abilities. Moreover, it adds an extra layer of excitement for fans, who are constantly eager to see if their favorite golfers move up the ranks.

2. Quantitative Measurements and Rankings in Golf

The World Ranking Golf employs a highly sophisticated ranking system that takes into account several key factors, including:

a) Performance Points:

Each golfer earns performance points based on their results in tournaments. These points are proportional to the event’s strength, with higher-ranked tournaments awarding greater points.

b) Divisor Control:

To ensure fairness, the World Ranking Golf system features a divisor control mechanism. This mechanism prevents players from maintaining an undeserved ranking due to a low number of events played.

c) Weighted Ranking Periods:

The rankings are calculated over a specific time frame, usually two years, with recent performances carrying more weight. This feature ensures that players’ past achievements gradually lose significance over time.

3. The Distinctive Features of Different World Ranking Golf Systems

While the Official World Golf Rankings is the most recognized system, it is crucial to acknowledge the existence of alternative ranking systems that cater to specific regions or tours. Some notable examples include:

a) FedExCup Rankings:

The FedExCup Rankings is a points-based system used exclusively on the PGA Tour. It determines the season-long performance and ultimately decides the winner of the FedExCup playoffs.

b) Race to Dubai Rankings:

The Race to Dubai Rankings is focused on the European Tour, offering golfers an opportunity to earn points based on performances in European Tour events. The highest-ranked player in this ranking claims the prestigious Race to Dubai title.

4. Historical Assessment: Pros and Cons of Different World Ranking Golf Systems

4.1 Pros of Official World Golf Rankings

– Global recognition and acceptance by a majority of tournaments and players.

– A comprehensive ranking system that considers performances on various tours.

– Consistency and accuracy in determining the best golfers worldwide.

4.2 Cons of Official World Golf Rankings

– Possible disparity in the strength of various tours, favoring golfers who predominantly compete in stronger events.

– The weighting system may not always reflect the true current form of a golfer.

– Criticisms surrounding the complexities of the ranking formula, making it difficult for casual fans to understand.


In conclusion, World Ranking Golf plays a vital role in assessing and recognizing the skills and accomplishments of professional golfers globally. The Official World Golf Rankings, along with alternative ranking systems, provide a comprehensive view of the players’ standings and enable fans to engage in passionate discussions about their favorite golfers. It’s a system that adds an extra layer of excitement and competition to an already thrilling sport.


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Are there different types of World Ranking Golf?

Yes, there are different types of World Ranking Golf. The main types include the Men's World Ranking Golf, which focuses on male professional golfers, and the Women's World Ranking Golf, which assesses the performance of female professional golfers. Additionally, there are alternative ranking systems like the FedExCup Rankings and the Race to Dubai Rankings that cater to specific tours and regions.

How are the rankings calculated?

The rankings are calculated based on performance points earned in tournaments, with higher-ranked events awarding more points. The rankings are also weighted, giving more importance to recent performances.

What is World Ranking Golf?

World Ranking Golf, also known as the Official World Golf Rankings (OWGR), is a system that ranks professional golfers based on their performance and achievements in various tournaments globally.

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